The Wellermans' Tale

There has been no rest on any of the seven seas. Constant and sudden storms have destroyed the ships and scatter the fish into deeper waters. In the backwashed taverns of the port towns, sailors talk in hushed tones, blaming it all on one name:

Davy Jones.

A greedy being that is neither man nor god but holds the power of the seven seas, and rules the locker, the final resting place for the souls lost to the tides. Among the rumors it is said that Jones will grant a single wish to the lost and ambitious in exchange for his mark on their arm.

To find Davy Jones and harness his power, two wealthy siblings, born as equal heirs to the Wellerman Trading Company, coerce a young
captain to take them to Jones’s famous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman. However, the captain’s ship, the Billy O’Tea, is a vessel where shadows come to life and secrets are dividing the small crew.

After a thousand years of imprisonment in Davy Jones’s locker, the iron chains restraining Leviathan have rusted and broken. The monster is free