Who is Samson's Sister?


Samson's Sister

I do have a name.  And I like my name.  But as anyone with an older sibling knows, your name is unnecessary.

I happen to live in a small town, in the middle of Canada, and just about as far from the ocean as is possible.  Around here we have fields of wheat, canola, and flax waving in the wind, and reminding me of the times I have visited the seas.  However, we have the most incredible open skies, and amazing sunsets, which fill my imagination as I walk along the edge of our town, creating new worlds inside my mind.

I am also an adventurer.  I take advantage of every opportunity and challenge that comes my way.  I have loved fighting in Taekwondo competitions, hunting in the woods, and at sixteen, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and trained with them until I released to study literature at Harvard in the Pre-college program. 

However, at the end of the day, I am simply known around here as Samson's sister, and I am OK with that.  My older brother, and only sibling, has always been by my side, encouraging me, and cheering me on.  I have the courage to boldly step forward, because I know Samson will be proud of me, even if I fall.  

And that's all anyone really needs to know.

Why write as Samson's Sister?

I know I am going to be asked about this, and I definitely have my reasons.  If you feel this decision needs to be justified, here are my explanations:

Privacy - I like my personal life.  I like being a person and not a company.  I can be with my friends and family, and keep our times together private.

Loyalty - Samson has been with me from the start, and whether he likes it or not, he's coming with me into this next adventure.

Genre - Although I don't write fairy tales, the Grimm Brothers have inspired me in name and in writing with a message.  So this is a nod to them.

And in a world where I can be known as anything, I am proud to be known as Samson's sister.