Who is Samson?


Coming in at a lean 6'1", Samson is the epitome of an older brother. He's has always been about 10" taller than me, over protective, and much to my ire, annoyingly social. It's because of his easy going and extroverted personality that I am simply known as his sister. 

Samson lives up to his name.  He walks tall and proud, wearing steel toed boots, and a seven pound leather jacket. You will always find him driving an old truck, or a gleaming motorcycle, unless it's winter.  Then he will be passing you at 100 miles/hr on a snowmobile.  He is fearless, but not reckless.  But inside this gentle giant is a true and kind heart.  Samson always has time for others.  He will patiently listen, he will generously help, and he will firmly stand for what is right.

And he's really proud of his beard.  It has two distinctive red lines that streak through his thick black beard.  It gets him compliments on the street, and made him look old enough to get into bars before he was 21.

I couldn't ask for a better brother. He was always the cool kid, and I was his nerdy little sister, but he never left me behind.  Even if others didn't see me, he did.  Samson has been looking out for me from day one, he is one of my best friends and biggest supporters. Sometimes, his bravado gets ahead of him, but if anyone has fallen into trouble, Samson will be the first one there to lend a hand. Just be warned, he believes everything can be fixed with duct tape, gun powder and Jesus.