The Artsy one

Samson’s Girlfriend - Johanna

The Wellerman's Tale needed an artist.  We needed someone who could scratch ink across a page, and bring the characters to life.  And as it happens, the perfect artist was standing right beside Samson.  Our little spunk ‘n’ sunshine who has become Samson’s shadow, stands at a impressive 5’3”, and is filled with talent.

Much to our convenience, Johanna showed up in Samson's life just as I started writing this Tale.  Two years, and many iced coffees later, Johanna has become like a sister, and a part of our family.

Johanna has an incredible artistic style, and worked to create just the right images of the characters.  She is gentle and kind, and would joyfully draw, and re-draw any image that was needed.  For Johanna everyday is a good day, but it’s fantastic when she can be outside with her plants, ice coffee and Benji the St. Bernard. You can find this country bumpkin at her art account @inkylemonart on Instagram.