Welcome aboard the Billy O'Tea! Come meet the crew and the strangers that are waiting for you on the journey.


Observant, intelligent and a co-heir to the esteemed Wellerman Trading Company, he is the merchant that will formulate a plan. By studying the tales handed down through his family and exploiting his connections, Barron will go to any lengths to protect his sister and their legacy. 

Ambitious, charismatic and a co-heir to the esteemed Wellerman Trading Company, she is the one that ensures her brother's plans come to fruition. For her, making friends and reading the room is all a trick of the trade, and an advantage she will not take for granted.


Though neither a mortal man nor a god, Davy Jones is the master of the locker, and Leviathan's warden. The storms of the seven seas reflect his temper and are feared by all. In exchange for a mark on the arm, he is willing to strike a deal with the ambitious and unfortunate souls.

LEVIATHAN - Son of Leviathan
Leviathan, the son of the first Leviathan and self proclaimed king of the seven seas, is not a myth like many mortals believe. He is a dragon that has been chained up in Davy Jones's locker over a thousand years, but time has rusted his rains and the vengeful and bored king has returned.


A hot headed captain with dwindling patience, his only concern is to keep his ship, the Billy O'Tea, supplied and functioning. However, between the two greedy merchants aboard and the rising tensions between himself and his crew, getting out of this journey without meeting Jones is becoming less important.

MALLICK - Captain's Pet
As the captain's somewhat immortal Tasmanian devil, he is mischievous, dramatic, and always hungry. Having known the captain and crew for most of their lives, this little devil knows how to get what he wants.

 COMMODORE - Helmsman

An eerie introvert with many roles to play aboard the Billy O'Tea, he is the helmsman, quartermaster, and more. Having less patience than the even the captain, Commodore takes no flack, smack, or responsibility for his crew mate's actions.

LORI-GRACE - Second Mate

Singing in the rain and fighting every threat on the horizon is nothing short of the second mate's expectations. As the only female member of the Billy O'Tea, she strikes first and asks questions second, aiming to make her life as adventurous as the books she reads. 

ALTAN - Strongman
A man of few words, he prefers to let his knives and axes do the talking. As the physical strength of the Billy O'Tea crew, it has become his job to keep the cabin boy and second mate out of trouble. However, his only method of accomplishing this is by joining them and minimizing damage.

FLYNN - Cabin Boy

Although the smallest member of the Billy O'Tea, this cabin boy has the biggest smile and the strongest cannons aboard.  He tends to drag the other mates into his mischief, but he takes it upon himself to ensure everyone is having a good time, especially the ladies.