The Wellermans
  • Although Ann Wellerman couldn't give her son the rightful title that he is owed, she could make him a Barron in name.
  • When naming Barron's sister, it was going to be either Adeline or Patricia. Adeline was chosen because it sounds like "out-of-line", a nod to her heritage.
  • The reason Adeline wears pants is less about feminism, and more so about embracing her merchant heritage and irritating her father.


The Crew

  • The core personalities and roles of the crew were inspired by the main characters a childhood TV show.
  • Lori-Grace was named for a family friend, Ms. Lori, who welcomed us to her home on Grace bay.
  • Flynn was loosely inspired by my youngest cousin. Namely the boyish grin and flirty attitude.
  • Altan is Samson's and his girlfriend's favourite human character.
  • The Tasmanian devil's real name isn't Mallick, it's just a simplified version. His actual name is Mallacht, meaning "cursed one" in Irish.
  • Altan's love for knives and axes came from Samson's obsession. 
  •  Lori-Grace was the hardest one to draw, having the most prototype art.
  • The inspiration for Sean and Mallick's cursed earrings came from a writing prompt about an immortal sharing their immortality with a cat.
  • Coffee and tea no longer have an affect on Commodore, so to stay awake while inventing, he'll add poison to his drink. Don't drink from his mug.



  • Sephora was almost cut from the story.
  • The novel is published with Canadian spelling and grammar for two reasons:
    • I am Canadian; and
    • I want to mess with people.
  • The flying Dutchman was a real ship, and the captain's name was Hendrick Van der Decken. The Wilhelm part I added for world building purposes.
  • The Whistling Monkey was a famous bar in Kenora, Ontario that closed years ago. Ethel the inn keeper was named after our friend who (along with her incredible husband)  has hosted my family at their cabin down the road.



  • My real name is in the book.
  • During covid, I worked 12 hour night-shifts at a local book printing company. Now that same company is printing my books.